De anima

What’s been happening in your head,

do you get the feeling that you left too early, darling?

Or you just gave up your trying,

I’m the same as you, but inside you’re crying.

I’m wearing my leather jacket in cage of your mind.

You see me as the pupil of life,

but you are the one who doesn’t know what it is to be loved –

that’s why you give people only one shot.

I’ll never have anything when I love you.

For this I’m sure as you are cold.

You are just wasting my breath.

For this I know, you are just a wreck.

A water that shares so many seas.

Cruelly, Love.


November 2013


De anima – on the soul

2 Comments Add yours

  1. What exactly does that word mean?


  2. De anima? It means ‘on the soul’


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