eat me

The world fed me with horror.

I ate everything on my plate – even doubled.

In the restaurant I called for excitement – more.

Life gave me its heart but I just walked out the door.

I wanted purity, not truth.

So I went to another door,

knocked, because the doorbell was nowhere near,

broke my fingers while trying to make everything clear.

I tortured my body

to cure my soul.

I fired the future

to live only with the old.

                                 December 2012

10 thoughts on “eat me”

  1. Thank you.
    I really enjoy Bukowski’s work. On the other hand I read I lot of the classics. I’m trying to keep my reading as varied as possible. Recently I’ve been into 19th century horrors and mysteries like Poe’s short-stories, started reading Dracula…yup 😀


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