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  1. tedwardredd says:

    Have you published?


    1. If you mean a book or something like that, I haven’t


  2. Himani B says:

    hahahahaha how I agree!


  3. tedwardredd says:

    Yes, I meant publish. I’m publishing in February and I’m just browsing around for novelist, writers, poets even just to build a network of writers. I liked your blog so I asked if you publish, I really liked “Slash or Swat”. In a way you remind me of the lead singer in Evanescence. Keep posting 🙂


  4. Thank you very much! Congrats to you for your upcoming publishing. I would also like to publish but I am not really aware of how does it work or how you get published nowadays…


  5. MCROBINSON says:

    Reblogged this on Where Did Fun Go and commented:
    OMG YES.


  6. SKANLYN says:

    Not so hung-up on the books but I have a similar policy regarding toilet paper. Anyway, those seem like rather odd sentiments from the director of a film that features an obese tranny chowing down on dog shit.


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