Have you no idea that I am in deep? Or you wonder where’s that place?
You smile? I suppose it’s because you know we are the same.
Our state where hate is love and love is hate.
Where words are music. And music is just a sound in the presence of your words.
I am here now. Just tell me when you want to come.
I may not be like her.
Most people don’t like me.
But I know what I am.
And I know what I am not.
I don’t need opinions to create myself.
I need you to listen to me.
I need you to construct me.
Simply you.
Because I am an old ship that has travelled much.
And I need repair, not freshening.
I need you to remove some parts.
Absorb me.
Do not let me travel broken.
We encountered for a reason.
And I know I am a lot to handle.
I am myself a quarrel, but I’m not a scandal.
Sometimes I need to be taken control of.
Because a ship cannot be pulled off.

February 2014

Tempestuous by Melissa Hartley
Tempestuous by Melissa Hartley

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