a changing clarity

I am a changing clarity, but I cannot be pure as sanity. Wave in me, out of the everyday scrutiny. Somewhere where the shores are endless, where actions cannot be helpless. The need, it pours in my veins. It’s ripping me. But I cannot get over your dignity. I’m below the lowest I can get….


A water that shares too many seas. A sea that shares too many shores. Cruelly, Love.


I deal with words a paradise of lust. Where nothing but trust could redeem you as just. It’s all about words and people. Nothing is simpler or deeper; and I just want that keeper, another mind tricker.  


You are priceless but you’re not faultless. You are the embodiment of the human sin. And your soul twists itself with a grin. Your body is pain covered with skin. It is all so natural, right and factual. But the wind still pushes your head to the sea.  why? what do you think it means…