You are making a mess

on my cupboard

and on my dress.

I cannot give you any less

than this moment of total togetherness.


Oh, my man came from over the ocean

to fix my twisted heart with a potion.

And I pressed my forehead on his chest

and said it was so very complicated.


It turns wrongly my emotions.

Our pieces are broken in portions.

Maybe if I go down on you

I’ll know the peace that I used to.


You know I’m trouble.

I put your heart in a bubble.

But in the end it might be worthy –


For you to draw a few lines on the canvas.

And me to die a few times in my madness.



I ‘ve been sending you on your way for years

and keep rowing.

I thought I knew where I was going.

There is spit in my mouth and dirt in my soul.


My sorrows stand up in a row.

As we turn our backs to the globe.


September 2015



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