glory and the guilt

Whatever we heard happened to people

happened to us.

The years, they take time, and sweat, and hurt.

People are damaged and damaged they love,

there is a difference between pain and amok.

People are damaged and damaged they love.

Some cause more damage,

others tie knots at the end of the rope.

Some love effortlessly

and the damage is no more.

Others bury their heads in the sand

once they’ve reached a shore.

Whatever they heard happened to us

     happened indeed.

The growth, it takes blood, and guts, and soul.

People build mountains, walls of their enemies.

The truth is always relative.

Some stay behind the walls,

and let out violent squalls.

Others can see it all from afar.

Oh, the night casts beautiful shadows.

Some lose battles

and some battles are meant to be lost.

Others are ripped apart in half

and gamble with the half of what they are not.

                                                                                                     December 2020

Artist unknow. The owner retains all rights to the artwork.

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