39. Raw

He knew the moves, the touches, the feels, that’s why I will always remember him. He knew how to fondle them curves, tap them ridges and bite them soft spots. Our bodies were best friends and our breaths gave birth to the inspiration that we both needed so much. When I finally let go of all morality, values that I’ve had and opinions that I’ve held, that’s when I was truly naked, my mind was naked and it could guide my body to do whatever it pleased the whole of me. The mysteries of life will always be all so interesting, but they don’t have anything on me anymore. I know how things ought to be and I know what they will never be. I am also what I have to be, not what I should be. Thin lines and heavy breathings. Cigarette smoke and light feelings. Red lipstick all over his tattoos and I will forever sigh at the sight of him.

December 2017


Photo credit unknown.