This is not a blog. I have come to realize that I suck at blogging, so the following entries should not be referred to as such. From the depths of my chest, I believe that one should enjoy the process of what they are doing, otherwise it is not worth doing it, no matter what the result. Writing happens to be the activity that I enjoy doing and it always seems to spring right out of my experience. Therefore, I enjoy a bit of the masochistic remembering of the past and reflecting on unpleasant events, I write about those, I overcome them. It’s simple.

However, in the past two years, I have started to feel like I am whining in my writing, which is something that I strongly dislike from the depths of that same chest. I feel like I have lost the edge of my writing, the sharpness of my words. So, I will make an attempt to recollect those by writing about the thing that always keeps me on edge of my seat – music. Sound Bites is a series of short entries on things about music that make me excited, from reflections on music and musicians, to concert reviews, album reviews and general opinions on stuff that have left their mark on me. This is not a blog about music. This is an eclectic page that should make sense when the entries are read separately. This is not a blog, so don’t treat it like such. Peace.