Inverted polarity

I gave my soul for one lost bet.

I followed voices until the words were shared.

The forbidden part that always tries,

you are everything between the lines.



I saw how the sunrays reached the dark,

blew my candles out but there was this one spark.

And then I met you, yeah, you felt so right.

No stranger in the night, it was you.



I see you as a sunrise –

the one that everybody wants.

You’re finer than my best choice.


I chased your evil until the end.



What kind of heart did I explore?

What kind of trouble am I in for?

My kind of heaven unlocks hell’s doors.

And I want more than I need.



Do what you want, but you still ain’t free.

I chased the Karma up to Life’s tree.


There’s a fire raging, your constant plea.

But the smoke ain’t got nothing on me.



You’ll never have my sunrise.

The one that I know.

You’re finer than my best choice.

Because I chased your evil over the end.


September 2014



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