2. About a coincidence

About coincidence

I was stretching my legs down the edge of my mind. I was mad that I couldn’t see anything further that edge.

‘Excuse me?’ A man’s voice brought me back.

Barcelona beach. Hellish sun. Mid-September.

‘Excuse me?’ The voice again.

‘What?’ I turned to the guy. What a nice piece of life. Tall, blond, bright, strong. You know, all that the girls with abundance of make-up and absence of character dream of.

‘What is a young girl doing alone at the beach?’

‘I am meditating.’ I said and lay back down.

A few minutes later I shadow came above me. I opened my eyes and the guy was handing me over a fresh mint drink.

‘Did you spit in that?’ I asked, sitting up.

He laughed.

‘Sam, nice to meet you.’

‘Haa….’ I couldn’t shake back his hand straight away. My ex was called Sam.

‘Nice to meet you.’ I said after a few bitter seconds.

Be careful when you shake hands. Beware of what people want to give you. It might be something totally fresh.

Antoine Renault
by Antoine Renault