34. On All Nations

Men smell of coconut oil and women roam around trying to find that one guy who does not have such an extravagant smell. Men smell of coconut and had forgotten their manliness on the top shelf, in the living room, right next to all the books they never read, the records they never listened to, and right above the guitar that sits in corner, the one they got as a present when they were 10, but never really picked up, because they thought it required too much of an effort. But the coconut oil is there, on their bedside table. The pussification of the nations, as George Carlin calls it.

People get away voluntarily and do not want to be found ever again. The cumbersome world smashed some and injured others. People get away voluntarily in the woods and they never want to be found ever again. I get away among people and there’s no chance for you to find me ever again.


Nunca estuve allí by Jose David Morales

Artwork by Jose David Morales