slash or swat

go find someone else, who am I?

I am a dream in a dream with a smile.

and the windows are wide open and the sun has faded but I am a fire in my oblivion for the night is light, burning my time.

trying to think there’s something more, but it never comes.

walk outside tomorrow and buy a brand new day

but nothing really makes any sense in the separation of the sky.

I am your ignorance of life.

My life should not be a riot for you.

Anyway, I am not going anywhere I was before.

I am losing my fleeting time, awaiting you on the shore

but you reinvented your direction,

boy, you are major and minor key

Just open up a chord,

don’t let it all be loss.

December 2013

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source: tumblr originally by Costantino Giro

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