don’t go chase the wind.

Don’t run too fast. Not far, there’s a chasm. Close your eyes, you’ll feel where the pain comes from. So to remove that ugly wrecker and then become… On the top of the highest hill I sat. The clear air, the rope I needed to beware. But then the wind grew sharp, as your words,… Continue reading don’t go chase the wind.

slash or swat

go find someone else, who am I? I am a dream in a dream with a smile. and the windows are wide open and the sun has faded but I am a fire in my oblivion for the night is light, burning my time. trying to think there's something more, but it never comes. walk… Continue reading slash or swat


I left you nonplussed. Didn’t I? Although, I am a veil of smoke that you can purge in an exhale. I want everything to be pure. Like naked poetry. Or blank page. Where everything is clear. Understandable. Goodbye, friend. Hello, lover. I may be ‘deeply romantic in my nature’, but I am not naïve. I… Continue reading Vexation


There is a devil in his passion. Fire in his eyes, ice in his look. The good is in his heart, the bad in his soul. He is bitter at glance, sweet in depth. Darkness within, light outside. He is tenderness covered, roughness uncovered. Soft embrace, he’ll bite you in his clutch. There is something… Continue reading Bite.