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a note

Outside their frame, is where they concentrate the blame.

But it is never the same, when you know the wheel is not spinning.

It is you that I am calling. I can’t have it all on my own. I need to share – every silence, dream and stare. You cannot be compared to anything that I ever needed to beware. I would give you every piece of my share, just promise me that you will meet me there – where every sound is heard loudly and every word is spoken proudly.

Now that I’ve met my recompense, I am still speaking in past tense. My memory is a clear mess. You taught how to play this chess with broken figures. But it is your tactics that I never figured.


‘Regal Twelve' by Alexia Sinclair

‘Regal Twelve’ by Alexia Sinclair


His cigarette slipped off his hand and fell on the wet ground beneath him. His legs motionless, his crystal green eyes collecting all the shadows that the rainy day casted upon his memories, those crystal green eyes were staring into someone’s infinity. He thought about how hard it was for him to dive into his imagination lately. Everything seemed too real, too obvious.

He had always dreamt of avoiding the current. There were things he could not bear and dreams he knew he shouldn’t dream. Some things are better left unknown, some prayers are better left unanswered and some vows are better left untaken. A flash of light, a sun ray touched his cheek.

He felt like he was always given only one chance. And he never failed to blow it.

Joseph Gordon Levitt

by Joseph Gordon Levitt