What common sense?! We break everything up to love and hate. And I miss him in and out of every dream and he cannot even sit silent, he only screams. For our minds have never been clearer. I could never have anyone dearer. Than you. But I was facing the future with my back when… Continue reading D-Day

you were saying

the waves never change their colours the sky contains its perfection but the horror the horror it changes it takes different forms and shapes colours and sounds words and pictures it occupies water and air it could become anything it could be every thing.                      … Continue reading you were saying

eat me

The world fed me with horror. I ate everything on my plate - even doubled. In the restaurant I called for excitement - more. Life gave me its heart but I just walked out the door. I wanted purity, not truth. So I went to another door, knocked, because the doorbell was nowhere near, broke… Continue reading eat me