Soul Disconnected

That’s not me who you see. That’s where I live. It’s not me who walks on those sidewalks, who goes up and down the stairs. It’s not me who crosses the street. It’s not me who looks at you. It’s what I look through. It’s where I live now. That’s where my eternity is put… Continue reading Soul Disconnected

The effeteness

These little black dots just came out of their oblivion. They try to form themselves again on the other side. I like that try, I like that someday in which it all be worthy. But the message will never arrive, the birds dropped it in the ocean of forgetfulness. The idea is gone. But look… Continue reading The effeteness


You are either with me forever, or not with me at all. Today we have twitters and instagrams to follow, instead of our ideas and thoughts. What someone ‘posted’ seems to matter more than what somebody said. It is a fake world we live in. Made of wireless relationships and computer-through feelings. Your friends and… Continue reading disgust

At the time

I want to wander and find my freedom again. Feel my freedom. I always had it and now when something is taking it away from me I feel trapped. ‘There’s nothing worse than an uninspired artist,’ he told me once. Live off. Live by. Live through. ‘You are over so many things,’ he declared. ‘I… Continue reading At the time