Queens of the goddamned Stone Age, The O2, London, UK. 21/11/2017

I thought that I would die. It was brutal in the most beautiful way possible, which is roughly what QOTSA's entire philosophy is about. The shit was real, it was the real shit, going crazy, or crazy gets you, any words would confine the experience. It was a mass burning of calories, mass dehydration, mass… Continue reading Queens of the goddamned Stone Age, The O2, London, UK. 21/11/2017

You call yourself a writer? Go write then!

You call yourself a writer? Go write then, don't complain about the lack of inspiration. You want to be a writer? Then you'll have to sacrifice something, your love mainly...Be prepared to be rejected, ignored, don't-minded, underestimated, looked down to, only because you are truthful and sincere in your life. In your life…what about your… Continue reading You call yourself a writer? Go write then!

slash or swat

go find someone else, who am I? I am a dream in a dream with a smile. and the windows are wide open and the sun has faded but I am a fire in my oblivion for the night is light, burning my time. trying to think there's something more, but it never comes. walk… Continue reading slash or swat


There is a devil in his passion. Fire in his eyes, ice in his look. The good is in his heart, the bad in his soul. He is bitter at glance, sweet in depth. Darkness within, light outside. He is tenderness covered, roughness uncovered. Soft embrace, he’ll bite you in his clutch. There is something… Continue reading Bite.