We are here not endlessly but carelessly. It’s all a trapped energy, a secret never known. All my thoughts I tried not to share, you make them come out, but I can’t say that you care. I’ve been in you before.

a note

Outside their frame, is where they concentrate the blame. But it is never the same, when you know the wheel is not spinning. It is you that I am calling. I can’t have it all on my own. I need to share – every silence, dream and stare. You cannot be compared to anything that…

need not

He needed not clear his heart for he knew what was inside of it. He needed to clear his head. She tried to help. But her words left only rehearsed and the meaning was not meant to be accepted. ‘If that’s what you want’, she spoke, ‘well, you can have it. I don’t want to sail…

You call yourself a writer? Go write then!

You call yourself a writer? Go write then, don’t complain about the lack of inspiration. You want to be a writer? Then you’ll have to sacrifice something, your love mainly…Be prepared to be rejected, ignored, don’t-minded, underestimated, looked down to, only because you are truthful and sincere in your life. In your life…what about your…


It’s better to love desperately than to hate sincerely.

my cape

Cut the sun, sweet love – my torment. I want to see the night lights.


Artists are not born to be understood. They are born to make other people understand.