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You are making a mess

on my cupboard

and on my dress.

I cannot give you any less

than this moment of total togetherness.


Oh, my man came from over the ocean

to fix my twisted heart with a potion.

And I pressed my forehead on his chest

and said it was so very complicated.


It turns wrongly my emotions.

Our pieces are broken in portions.

Maybe if I go down on you

I’ll know the peace that I used to.


You know I’m trouble.

I put your heart in a bubble.

But in the end it might be worthy –


For you to draw a few lines on the canvas.

And me to die a few times in my madness.



I ‘ve been sending you on your way for years

and keep rowing.

I thought I knew where I was going.

There is spit in my mouth and dirt in my soul.


My sorrows stand up in a row.

As we turn our backs to the globe.


September 2015



Poetry collection

So, my first poetry collection is coming to life. This is for all the sufferings and calamities of personality that I have seen for my 20 years on our beloved Planet Earth.

It is available to purchase from Janus Publishing website, I attach the link below. I also want to thank endlessly Janus for the patience and help.

The collection will appear on amazon on the 24th of August 2015.

If you find my words compelling, let your attention stay fit. I am preparing a second collection in those unfair times of ours.

cover by Sophia Platts-Palmer

cover by Sophia Platts-Palmer

Black Words



Too close to my skin. I’m falling in the borderline.

A fitting representation of two souls as one.


– – –

It’s truly a stasis.

Hold big thoughts and spend them on nothing.

The doors are closing now, run to the window.

I will await down to catch your spilled feelings.


A water that shares too many seas. A sea that shares too many shores.

Cruelly, Love.

you buried me without a coffin

just the




draining my soft skin.


my cape

Cut the sun, sweet love – my torment. I want to see the night lights.

gatsby green light


Get on your knees, it’s time to play

a game that no one wins.

Just be careful not to break your chin

in the circle of fate where everything spins.

November 2013


You are that drop in the ocean of my thoughts that chases the waves all the way to the shore of my reality and makes them wash away all the unhappiness.


by Michele Rossi