Too close to my skin. I’m falling in the borderline. A fitting representation of two souls as one.  


The one who doubts in love is cursed to fail in life.  

my cape

Cut the sun, sweet love – my torment. I want to see the night lights.


she feels so tired, as if she went to the end of her life and got back here. she sits here now, pale face, damaged mind, trying to cancel her life, or at least to cancel what’s creeping from the past. life is what you make it. if you make it a burden then you…


There is a devil in his passion. Fire in his eyes, ice in his look. The good is in his heart, the bad in his soul. He is bitter at glance, sweet in depth. Darkness within, light outside. He is tenderness covered, roughness uncovered. Soft embrace, he’ll bite you in his clutch. There is something…


You are either with me forever, or not with me at all. Today we have twitters and instagrams to follow, instead of our ideas and thoughts. What someone ‘posted’ seems to matter more than what somebody said. It is a fake world we live in. Made of wireless relationships and computer-through feelings. Your friends and…


You are that drop in the ocean of my thoughts that chases the waves all the way to the shore of my reality and makes them wash away all the unhappiness.