a note

Outside their frame, is where they concentrate the blame. But it is never the same, when you know the wheel is not spinning. It is you that I am calling. I can’t have it all on my own. I need to share - every silence, dream and stare. You cannot be compared to anything that… Continue reading a note

you were saying

the waves never change their colours the sky contains its perfection but the horror the horror it changes it takes different forms and shapes colours and sounds words and pictures it occupies water and air it could become anything it could be every thing.                      … Continue reading you were saying

slash or swat

go find someone else, who am I? I am a dream in a dream with a smile. and the windows are wide open and the sun has faded but I am a fire in my oblivion for the night is light, burning my time. trying to think there's something more, but it never comes. walk… Continue reading slash or swat