You are making a mess on my cupboard and on my dress. I cannot give you any less than this moment of total togetherness.   Oh, my man came from over the ocean to fix my twisted heart with a potion. And I pressed my forehead on his chest and said it was so very…

A way to be

The morning light was yet demanding. There was a taste in my mouth of something long gone. I did not know how the story was supposed to go from now on, but the morning light was demanding for action. I really wanted to refuse the world in those empty mornings but that was not a…

– – –

It’s truly a stasis. Hold big thoughts and spend them on nothing. The doors are closing now, run to the window. I’ll catch you down and sell you for what’s finally `clear`.


A water that shares too many seas. A sea that shares too many shores. Cruelly, Love.


I deal with words a paradise of lust. Where nothing but trust could redeem you as just. It’s all about words and people. Nothing is simpler or deeper; and I just want that keeper, another mind tricker.  


You are priceless but you’re not faultless. You are the embodiment of the human sin. And your soul twists itself with a grin. Your body is pain covered with skin. It is all so natural, right and factual. But the wind still pushes your head to the sea.  why? what do you think it means…

don’t go chase the wind.

Don’t run too fast. Not far, there’s a chasm. Close your eyes, you’ll feel where the pain comes from. So to remove that ugly wrecker and then become… On the top of the highest hill I sat. The clear air, the rope I needed to beware. But then the wind grew sharp, as your words,…


The one who doubts in love is cursed to fail in life. No one knows this more than most of all. But I’d rather have a soul on my own. Tomorrow we’ll decide. Tomorrow is better than never, right? What do you say? I will always need my own place to bleed, you said you need…


We are here not endlessly but carelessly. It’s all a trapped energy, a secret never known. All my thoughts I tried not to share, you make them come out, but I can’t say that you care. I’ve been in you before.