You call yourself a writer? Go write then!

You call yourself a writer? Go write then, don't complain about the lack of inspiration. You want to be a writer? Then you'll have to sacrifice something, your love mainly...Be prepared to be rejected, ignored, don't-minded, underestimated, looked down to, only because you are truthful and sincere in your life. In your life…what about your… Continue reading You call yourself a writer? Go write then!

Attack on soul

Just don't hold anything against me. Unless you decide to be with me. You left the room with my candles still burning and your thoughts yet mourning. I put on your smell and lit a cigarette. I didn't want to let us both go to waste. Linger on. Fragments. It was all so so nigh… Continue reading Attack on soul

you were saying

the waves never change their colours the sky contains its perfection but the horror the horror it changes it takes different forms and shapes colours and sounds words and pictures it occupies water and air it could become anything it could be every thing.                      … Continue reading you were saying