All I ever got was this burning cigarette that is never enough and those faulty circumstances that are making everything so tough.


The one who doubts in love is cursed to fail in life.  


It’s better to love desperately than to hate sincerely.

you buried me without a coffin just the wet cold ground draining my soft skin.  

my cape

Cut the sun, sweet love – my torment. I want to see the night lights.


She feels so tired, as if she went to the end of her life and got back here. She sits here now, pale face, damaged mind, trying to cancel her life. Life is what you make it. If you make it a burden then you better get strong so as to be able to carry…


Little mooncalves crawl on the cold, cracked ground. They try to avoid what comes after death. The rain melts, becomes one with the puddles. It’s here. It’s right here. The chaos. We’re howling for light, for salvation. How insane! We lock ourselves in a dark room. We throw the key through the window and condemn…

All my bitter kisses, I said goodbye a long time ago. Or maybe I never said hello. Our footprints still lay in the snow.