Attack on soul

Just don’t hold anything against me. Unless you decide to be with me. You left the room with my candles still burning and your thoughts yet mourning. I put on your smell and lit a cigarette. I didn’t want to let us both go to waste. Linger on. Fragments. It was all so so nigh…


All I ever got was this burning cigarette that is never enough and those faulty circumstances that are making everything so tough.


It’s better to love desperately than to hate sincerely.

you buried me without a coffin just the wet cold ground draining my soft skin.  


Get on your knees, it’s time to play a game that no one wins. Just be careful not to break your chin in the circle of fate where everything spins. November 2013

At the time

I want to wander and find my freedom again. Feel my freedom. I always had it and now when something is taking it away from me I feel trapped. ‘There’s nothing worse than an uninspired artist,’ he told me once. Live off. Live by. Live through. ‘You are over so many things,’ he declared. ‘I…