The pleasure of anticipating a concert

As a first entry of this new project, I have decided to focus on what is my immediate experience; it is also something that is common among the music fans – the anticipation of a concert. Not only do we buy tickets months earlier before the concerts and sometimes we even have to line up on online queues to get tickets, but we are also willing to spend huge amounts of money on seeing our favourite bands. I have spent my last dimes on concert tickets, something that many of the music fans are familiar with, I am sure.

Concerts cannot be measured in coins, currencies, in time spent waiting, or time spent searching for tickets. Concerts are measured by something that stands higher than that – feelings.  It is the feeling that one anticipates, the feeling not so much of visually seeing your favourite musicians, but of experiencing the emotions that their music translates live; and experiencing that with loads of other people who share the same emotions and you know have shared the same anticipation.

As of recently I have come to realize that I divide my time in the year in ‘before a concert’ and ‘after a concert’. I do not divide it by the beginning of any academic year, school years, in work vacations and whatnot. I divide it in anticipating a concert and the time after one concert to the next one. That is not to confuse this with an obsession that I have developed, for obsessions lowers the activity to the level of mere habit. I simply enjoy the pure emotion that is translated in concerts, that pure vibe that goes through all the souls in the bodies of people who are on the venue, I enjoy waiting for that emotion and thinking about that emotion, it’s exciting and it’s one of the purest feelings that one can have inside, it’s real.